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Canada is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. It is a great place to take a trip, or for vacationing To be specific, Ontario is one of the leading homes of various life forms based in the water. A good example would be the Sturgeon Species, with the white Sturgeons the only remaining category of the species. The fish are close to becoming exciting are seen in rare cases In Ontario. The most significant population of the fish are found in the North Section of the Ontario Rive. These rivers run into Hudson and James Bay. The favorite rivers in this region are the Albany and the Ogoki River. Sturgeon fishing is one of the top activities in the area.

a sturgeon fish caught out on the Fraser River

Fishing in the river

During the spring season, the Sturgeon river often comprises of fast-moving water and rapids which are perfect for Sturgeon Spawning. They are out of season at this point of the year. However, the Season often starts in mid-year, in June. During this point, the Sturgeon are usually found the thick, slow-moving and dark sections of the water during the day. As night falls, the fish come into the shallows and move to the base of the rapids when sturgeon fishing at the Fraser River specifically.

This particular fish species consume any food. Their diet comprises of various items including dead fish, snails, worms, bugs and more. As a result, this makes Sturgeon fishing a natural process. One of the best methods of catching the fish is to use a bell sinker and hook. Slide the weight and insert a small slot shot from as much s 3 feet from the hook. Following this, let the sinker sit on the bottom and ensure the bait and hook can sway freely. When you encounter a bite, bring the line out to ensure that it captures the fish and then set the hook. It’s important to note that these fish species are often found in the thick sections of the river. The fish in the Okoki and Dusty Rivers usually have great weights that average in between 20 to as much as 150 pounds. Therefore, ensure that you use a sturdy rode that has proper testing for the best results.

When it comes to choosing bait, there are various options available. Some include salmon eggs, cheese, and meats. However, remember to abide by the laws of Ontario which mention that using game fish as bait is forbidden. This also includes the use of Perch which are not classified as Game Fish. More so, you can even get port or chicken and put it out on the sun to rot.

The Sturgeon fish also dislike the smell of Pike Meat. If you get any pike and dispose of the remains in the water, this will compromise your ability to catch the fish. Therefore, ensure that you place the fish in a pail and dispose them far from your location. In this way, the Sturgeon will be attracted to your site during the darker hours, and the scent won’t draw any unwanted animals.

Fishing in the lake

It’s difficult to fish for Sturgeon in the lake since they are ae agile and escape quickly. Most often, the fish usually move in between the base of the bay and the island as well. When fishing for in the lake, ensure that you place several hooks on the line. A good recommendation would get a three-way swivel. Following this, ensure that you tie the line to the three-way swivel and then to a small float. Ensure that the float is amply sized to bring out the bottom but not affected the ability of the sinker. At about 30 inches apart, place as many four hooks on the line that originates from the reel and then integrate the path to the three-way swivel. Take your boat to the point that is close to an island and drop the line. After this, back the ship and ensure that line is tight such that bait can be well0spread. Try to transfer the boat over to the other island and pull the string to determine your catch. The role of the float is to ensure that your line does not tangle or get compromised as you move the boat to a new spot.

NB: There is only one limit with a sports fishing license, charters and you might need a CITES permit to come with fish in the USA. Most people often release the fish back into the wild, since transporting them is difficult.

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