Pick Up Artist Techniques You Need To Master For Approaching or Attracting

Pick Up Artist

If you want to become a pick-up artist (a person who is very good at attracting and having intercourse relationship with them) means you will need to learn some techniques of a pick-up artist.

What do you mean pick-up artist techniques?

What I mean is a bunch of tested and tried openers, closers, tips and one-liners that were refined and designed to assist you to build unspoken attraction signals with women.

These PUA techniques have been known to assist in improving massively. Thus you need to learn them ASAP. They cover all attraction areas, from everything in between and from the open to the close.

How to Use Pick up Artist Techniques

As much as you possibly can, the better way to put these techniques into practice is to try them in the field on all types of women.

For instance, if you go to work every weekday, try to practice them during your lunch hours every day. Then dedicate more time to make them work for you on the weekends.

You want to reach the point you nail certain hot spot with women and figure out when to use a certain technique. However, you need to practice a lot for these to work.

The 8 Pick-Up Artist Techniques You Need to Master

These techniques should not be used in order; they are just organised regarding opening and closing. So the way you open a girl in the street would be different to how you would open her in the club.

Practise each technique based on which situation you are in.

The Pre-Selections

It is accessible to the pick-up artists as the best way to grab a girl’s attention in clubs or bars, but also applied in general as a way of women chasing after you. When you appear as a gorgeous male in a group that is when Pre-selection will happen.

For instance, if you are in a photograph with two other admirable women, you seem to be having a good time and all smiles. Women will see you more attractive, than if you were in a photograph with a bunch of guys.

So kick-start by upgrading your social circle so it has a lot of high-status males and attractive females who will help you with showing that you are a high-end guy yourself. Other girls will follow suit once girls find you attractive.

Stop and Shock

Practised more in day game than anywhere, but can also be practised in bars and clubs also. This technique directs you to stop a girl so you can have her attention and begin a conversation.Merely jog slightly beside her and then with your hands up requesting her to stop, jog in front of her and as you do so you can tell her “excuse me, I just want to say something.” So ensure you follow up line is perfect because she will stop and listen.

The Direct Opener

Perfect for night and daytime. The direct opener brings out the idea that you a dominant, confident and alpha guy who does not hold back his intentions. Ladies find this incredibly desirable. Just walk up to her and say “excuse me, I just saw you from the other end and had to come say hi, because I found you to be incredibly cute.” A simple pickup line of that nature will get you started to learning how to converse with ladies for the first time efficiently.

The In-direct opener

You should put this technique if you are uncomfortable using direct openers. They can work regarding warming up the conversation and break the ice even though they are less efficient.You could open a woman and say “excuse me, I’m meeting a friend and he told me he is outside Trafalgar square, by any chance do you know where it is?”

Assumption Building

Building attraction and hooking the interest within the conversation is essential. Most people go wrong by asking too many questions, so you will need to flip that on the head and assume instead of asking. If you asked, “You are from Sweden right?” If you guessed right, she would be carried away by how insightful you are, however, if you get it wrong, it will be more interesting to her than to say “so where are you from.”Avoid interview words, please.

Kino Escalation

During a conversation, always be kinoing. It assists in building comfort and trust quickly; it also helps to create attraction.

To initiate Kino, you can start by touching her shoulder or arm the moment you start speaking to her. Avoid contacting her for more than few seconds because it will come across as creepy.

Sexual Dialling

Kinoing is less critical than sexual escalation. It is designed to stimulate a girl and make her think of you in only an intimate way.
Merely keep kinoing the woman in more sexual places, like her legs, face, stomach, and waist. Do not assume that she does not like being touched unless she pulls away or stops you.


Attraction is not built in a go; it is made step by step. So along with sexual dialling and knowing, you will be required to throw in a few attraction spikes, commonly known as the qualification.The easy way to do this is to disagree with her at some points when you are conversing with her. If she says “Oh yes I’m in town for a few days I love this place” you would respond “Oh cool, I’m not a fan of this place because…” It is tedious agreeing with everything she says; it is predictable and not attractive


Therefore, after a successful mission, you will need to instant date close, or a number close her. Both are fine, but still, take more practice to pull it out comfortably.

Final word on Pick up Artist

Practice is the only way out.I would ask you to choose a few of the techniques, remember them an practice them for weeks rather than working on them all at once.

If you would love to know more techniques that will up your game to the next level, watch this video. What is your most preferred technique?

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